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Oukan Latte Art

Oukan Latte Art Manga

Alternative: 王冠ラテアート ; Crown Latte Art ; Crown Rate Aato ; Crown Rate ato ; Crown Rateaato ; Crown Rateato
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Author(s): Odagiri nagisa
Genre: Shoujo; Harem; Reverse harem; Romance,
Status: Ongoing
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From Chibi Manga: Ritsu loved her uncles Cafe for a very long time. Due to debts, the business closed down. Ritsu felt down for a while but she decides to rebuild the cafe. At that time, Shiina the schools #1 troublemaker, pretty face, long fingers... appears in front of her. very ideal for the waiter. She solicits Shiina will all her might but...?!

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Maybe coming in the next issue